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How to reset your windows password
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    How to reset your Windows password

    Have you ever turned your computer on to find you simply can not remember what your password is to log in to windows? 

    This is a common problem we come across. Many computer repair companies will tell you there is no way around this except to remove your hard drive, back up your files and factory reset the whole computer.

    This is one way to remove your windows login password, but you will then need to set your computer up from scratch, plus you will often lose data! At Lee Harvey Computing we call this the un-competent way of resetting a computer login password!

    Here at Lee Harvey Computing in Cornwall, we have the tools, knowledge, and the correct software to be able to reset your windows login password while leaving your computer in the same way as it was when you last logged in, just with a new password.

    Windows Password Reset

    Do I need a Windows login password?

    In most cases, the answer to this is NO! When users put in a windows login password they usually believe that they have secured their computer, however, in reality, this is very basic! 

    If anyone was to steal your computer with just a little knowledge, by removing your computer’s hard drive and plugging that into a second computer, they could access all your computer information.

    The only way to secure your computer’s information is to property encrypt your files. 

    So really the only time you need to be using a Windows login password is if you have users in your household that you do not wish to gain access to your personal files.

    Talk to a Windows Computer Specialist for Advice

    If you do however need to have your computer files properly secured, then get in touch with Lee Harvey Computing. We can install the correct software that will fully encrypt all your files which will prevent any entry to your computer’s information.

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