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windows 7 update
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    Seven is considered by many to be a lucky number – there are 7 days of the weeks, 7 continents, 7 natural wonders of the world etc, but if your computer system is operating on Windows 7, you may not be quite so lucky!

    As of January 2020, Microsoft will discontinue all support, updates and security for Windows 7. This does not mean that after the New Year your computer will be of no use to you. It simply means that it is time for an update to Windows 8 or Windows 10.

    Every Microsoft software system has an operating lifecycle. This is the length of time from its release that is supported until it becomes obsolete and is replaced by a much better programme. After 10 years of product maintenance the end is now nigh for Windows 7 – in fact new features stopped being added almost 5 years ago!

    If you are still running Windows 7 on your laptop or computer (and a large percentage of business and personal PC’s currently are), then you may have seen a number of notifications appear on your screen, urging you to upgrade as soon as possible. The choices available to you are either Windows 8 or the most current version, which is Windows 10.

    Will Windows 7 still work in January 2020?

    Come the 14th January 2020 if you are still running Windows 7 don’t panic, as your computer will still function. However, from this date onwards you will no longer be privy to any technical support for software issues, updates or security fixes, making you more exposed to viruses and malware.

    Most computers that are already running Windows 7 should be able to run Windows 10 relatively effortlessly and almost all programs available for Windows 7 are compatible with Windows 10. And, the good news is that you will be able to retain them while upgrading.

    A window of possibilities

    Released in 2015, Windows 10 offers newer technologies and greater experiences and even boasts to be the most secure Windows EVER!

    Windows 10 supports all apps and can be used across multiple devices including tablets and smartphones. It offers touchscreen functionality and is much faster and efficient than the older versions of Microsoft Windows. It has an updated start menu, innovative login methods and a well-organised taskbar.

    For those who are tech-savvy, you can purchase and download the upgraded Windows 10 to your existing PC directly from Microsoft. For those who are technophobes, you may need a helping hand from a professional computer nerd such as Lee Harvey Computing.

    How Lee Harvey Computing can help

    Whilst the update is optional and you can still use Windows 7 for as long as you like, the news that Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft means there are many users out there who will be thinking about moving on from their favourite operating system. If this is you, and you need support with this transition, then Lee Harvey Computing can help.

    Microsoft have worked hard to ensure that Windows 10 can run on all devices, however, it is an advanced operating system and therefore may struggle on some older Windows 7 computers. At Lee Harvey Computing we can check that your laptop or PC is compatible and if you don’t have the required hardware to upgrade, then we can assist in purchasing and fitting the correct components on your computer to enable it to run. We can also advise on alternative programmes such as Windows 8 and buy the relevant Windows license on your behalf, if required.

    At Lee Harvey Computing we can also ensure that you back up any files, photos and personal data to an external hard drive beforehand, such as the cloud, so that nothing gets lost or damaged and you have multiple places in which to retrieve it.

    Alternatively, the expiration of Windows 7, could provide you with the perfect excuse to purchase a brand new device. At Lee Harvey Computing we are well versed at setting up desktops, laptops and tablets to specific customer requirements. We will also make sure that your device operates safer and faster so that next time you will be ready for any future developments.

    For computing upgrades, repairs and advice within a 35 mile radius of St Austell, Cornwall, contact Lee Harvey Computing today.

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