What is Plymouth known for?

what is plymouth known for

I suppose the answer to the question, “What is Plymouth known and famous for” very much depends on who you ask. Being a local, Lee Harvey loves delving into the history of the places that he visits as a Mobile Computer Repair technician, and Plymouth is a city that is steeped in antiquity.

The Mayflower

Ask an American and they will instantly answer that Plymouth is famous for “The Pilgrim Fathers and the Mayflower!”. In fact most days you will find a group of American tourists gathered near the “Mayflower Steps” to take photos of the point that their country’s founders allegedly sailed from.

In reality, the actual steps the Pilgrims used are long gone and the original site is actually nearer the Admiral MacBride pub just across the road.

The Pilgrims didn’t intend to leave from Plymouth – they actually set sail from Southampton but bad weather in the English Channel forced their two ships into Plymouth to seek shelter. While there, they were told that one of the two ships chartered to carry them to their new home (the Speedwell), was unfit to cross the Atlantic so some of their number decided to stay in Plymouth.

This meant that only 102 hardy souls consequently boarded the Mayflower en-route to America. Of these, only 37 were actually “Pilgrims” – a religious group looking to escape persecution – and the rest were fare-paying passengers, servants and children looking to start a new life in the Americas. You can see the full list of passengers on a panel at the Barbican including two dogs!

The Hoe

Ask most English people what Plymouth (especially The Hoe – the green space overlooking the water of Plymouth Sound) is known for and they will say, “Francis Drake and the Armada!”

According to legend Drake was playing bowls on the Hoe and, when told of the approach of the huge force of Spanish galleons heading up the English Channel intent on invasion, coolly replied, “Time enough to play the game and thrash the Spaniards afterwards”. Yet again the reality is likely to have been a little different. Drake probably received the news at his home some 15km inland at Buckland Abbey. However, there is a fine statue of him on the Hoe and a bowling green whose sign shows Sir Francis with a wood in his hand to reinforce the legend.

Plymouth Gin

Ask a gin lover what Plymouth is known for, and they will almost certainly answer, “Plymouth Gin, of course!”. Gin has been distilled in Plymouth since 1793 and is still made in the same building – an ex Dominican monastery – on the Barbican.

Plymouth Gin is 41.2% ABV but, Plymouth being a Naval town, there is a version made at 57% ABV to remind everyone that it was a tradition in the Royal Navy that all newly commissioned vessels received a “Plymouth Gin Commissioning kit” – a wooden box containing two bottles of navy strength Plymouth gin and glassware.

And talking of the Navy, ask any Navy man what Plymouth is known for and he will reply, “Devonport Dockyard!” – although a more honest answer might be, “Union Street!”.

The Dockyards

Devonport and Portsmouth dockyards were historically the two largest Naval bases (known to sailors as “Guz” and “Pompey”). All young Naval Ratings did their basic training at HMS Raleigh just across the River Tamar where they would join their more established shipmates on a “run ashore” along Plymouth´s famous (notorious) street of bars and clubs – Union Street.

Lee Harvey Computer Repairs Plymouth

Americans retracing the Founding Father’s footsteps, gin lovers looking for authentic Plymouth Gin, old sailors reliving past glories and other visitors from home and abroad all descend on Plymouth’s hotels, pubs and restaurants.

History plays a huge part in Plymouth’s appeal but today IT plays a huge role in the servicing of the city.

Based in St Austell, Lee Harvey’s mobile van can easily assist businesses and residents in Plymouth who need a PC health check or want help with software updates or screen and part replacements and repairs.

A quick and speedy door to door service ensures that your business won’t suffer when your laptop is down, as he’ll have your computer back up and running in no time at all.

And the good news doesn’t stop there, because at Lee Harvey Computer repairs, he even offers a no fix, no fee guarantee. Indeed, you might even say he is known for it!

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