Wireless Networks & Wireless Printer Setup's

We'll Sort Your Wireless Problems

You have all the gear yet no idea why your printer and computer do not like each other. No matter what you do you can’t seem to get your wireless router working or your printer churning out the latest pages of an important document.

Your Internet router is one of the most important devices found in your home. It’s the gateway to your internet access and in addition to it being reliable and fast, you need it to be secure from cyber hackers. So, if your wireless router keeps dropping out, has poor signal strength or is vulnerable to security attacks, then please contact us and we’ll quickly diagnose the problem and help you safeguard your settings.

Configuring Wireless Printer Networks

Most wireless printers may come with a user manual, but there are many curve balls which can occur when installing and configuring a wireless printer to a computer, smartphone or tablet. If you’ve been struggling to sync the two together then Lee Harvey Computing could assist in straightening things out.

Ask Lee for expert computer advice in Cornwall

If you are not sure what the problem is with your computer simply ask for advice!
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