Broken Laptop Screen Repair Service

We fix and replace broken laptop screens in Cornwall

It’s that moment we all dread… you switch on your computer expecting it to burst into life, but instead you sit staring at a blank or cracked screen. If this situation sounds all too familiar, don’t despair, more often than not your computer screen can be repaired.

Replacement laptop screens

At Lee Harvey Computing in Cornwall, we offer a laptop screen replacement service. Once our mobile engineer has diagnosed the problem, we will source a replacement screen straight away. Replacement computer screens generally take no longer than an hour to fix and can be done at your convenience and in your own premises.

As part of our computer screen replacement service, we will provide you with a no obligation quote for a new screen before proceeding with the repair.

Ask for computer repair advice in Cornwall

If you are not sure what the problem is with your computer simply ask for advice!
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