Laptop Internal Fan Replacements

Fixing Problems With Laptop Overheating

Your laptop is made up of many intricate components all squished into one sleek machine. It’s little wonder then, that such compact items can produce such large amounts of heat! In order for your laptop to remain cool, falls to the responsibility of the internal fan.

If, however, your laptop overheats, refuses to boot up, constantly cuts out or displays a fan error message; then you know you have a problem. As overheating can lead to serious internal damage it should be resolved as soon as possible.

Helping Your Laptop Cool Down

At Lee Harvey Computing, based in St. Austell, we are able to source, fit and replace internal fans at a very reasonable price. We also offer a cooling system service to treat excessive heat problems which involves cleaning out all the debris from your computer and applying a new thermal compound – although this does involve stripping down and reassembling the laptop itself.

It is important that you maintain your laptop fan for optimal use by ensuring that it has adequate ventilation and is free from dust.

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