Laptop Internal Fan Replacements

The fan in your laptop is one of the simplest, yet most important, components. It is designed to run as quietly as possible, often going unnoticed…until it fails or malfunctions!

What happens when a laptop fan stops working?

A faulty or broken laptop fan can cause your laptop to overheat, and that can result in all sorts of expensive problems. Prolonged overheating can damage components like the CPU, hard drive, video card and even the motherboard.

Laptop fans are designed to speed up or slow down depending on the heat being generated. For example, tasks such as video or photo editing use a lot of resources and create a lot of heat. If your computer’s fan isn’t working as it should, the hot air may have nowhere to go and all the components mentioned above become vulnerable.

How will I know if my laptop fan is failing or has failed completely?

If you notice your computer constantly shutting down or not booting up correctly, then there are certain signs to look out for that will alert you to the fact that your laptop fan is failing.


Your fan is designed to be as quiet as possible, so this may not be the best way to detect a failed fan. Nevertheless, when a laptop is working hard you may hear the fan spinning at high speed. Any screeching, rattling, clicking or grinding noises are almost certainly signs of a problem.

Feel for escaping air

If you can hear the fan working hard, but little air being expelled, then it may be because the vent is blocked.

We suggest that you find the escape vent (usually situated on one side of the laptop). You should wait 5 minutes for the machine to reach normal active temperature, and put your hand half an inch from the vent. You want to feel the air being blown out of the inside of your laptop.

If you can’t hear the fan, or feel any air being expelled, then it is likely that your fan has failed.

Feel for excess heat

Some laptops do run very warm, but if you feel excessive heat on the underside of the machine then this is another sign that the parts designed to cool the machine – the heat sink or the internal fan – are in trouble. To prevent further damage, you should turn the laptop off and give us a call.

The dreaded blue screen.

If your laptop runs for a while and then crashes, or refuses to start, it is more than possible that overheating is the cause.

There are several reasons for a laptop to overheat, but the fan is often the chief suspect. If the computer displays a “Fan error” message, then no further discussion is necessary. Simply turn the laptop off to avoid damage and call Lee Harvey Computing immediately.

Are laptop fans replaceable?

The good news is that a laptop cooling fan is replaceable and usually at a reasonable price – considerably less than replacing the CPU, motherboard or even the complete laptop. You do, of course, need to buy a fan compatible with your particular machine, but we can advise you on this.

By checking your fan, we can also ascertain if your cooling and performance problems are actually caused by your cooling fan or some other agent. Dust can often be a major cause of overheating, and there is no point in replacing a fan if all that is needed to repair it is a good clean.

Fixing Problems With Laptop Overheating

Your laptop is made up of many intricate components, all squished into one sleek machine. It’s little wonder then, that such compact items can produce such large amounts of heat!

In order for your laptop to remain cool, your internal fan needs to operate efficiently. If, however, your laptop overheats, refuses to boot up, constantly cuts out or displays a fan error message; then you know you have a problem. As overheating can lead to serious internal damage, it should be resolved as soon as possible.

Helping Your Laptop Cool Down

At Lee Harvey Computing, based in St. Austell, we are able to source, fit and replace internal fans at a very reasonable price.

We also offer a cooling system replacement service to treat excessive heat problems, which involves cleaning out all the debris from your computer and applying a new thermal compound – although this does involve stripping down and reassembling the laptop itself.

It is important that you maintain your laptop fan for optimal use by ensuring that it has adequate ventilation and is free from dust.

Ask Lee for expert computer advice in Cornwall

If you are unable to self-diagnose your laptop dilemma, then simply ask us for advice!

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