Computer Desktop, Laptop & Tablet SetUp

Bespoke Computer Setups

Whether you are opening the lid of a shiny new computer for the very first time or looking to include a host of updates to a current device, the process can often feel complex and daunting. At Lee Harvey Computing we can help you set up your desktop, laptop or tablet just the way you want it. We will help you ensure that your device operates safer, faster and is ready for any future developments.

Stress-free Network Connections

It’s the simple things that are often the most time consuming, and at Lee Harvey Computing we can ensure that your computer set up is stress-free. We will help you to connect to a network, adjust your display settings, help set up keyboard shortcuts, personalise apps and programs and install your favourite browser of choice.

Safe File Transfers

We are able to assist you in transferring over any files, documents, photos, music and videos you may have from your previous computer; can re-install brand new software and reconnect any devices that you may have such as printers, web-cams or scanners.

Latest Technology Installations

As technology evolves at a startling rate with fingerprint readers and face recognition becoming the norm, we can even install special features which will enable you to avoid the hassle of inputting passwords each time you log on. We can also check for any updates, bookmark your special webpages and add on any antivirus programmes to secure your device, for added peace of mind.

Ask Lee for expert computer advice in Cornwall

If you are not sure what the problem is with your computer simply ask for advice!
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