Hard drive Data Recovery in Cornwall

Recovering Important Computer Data and Files from Hard Drives

In this paperless world, data stored on hard drives are fast becoming our most valuable assets. And having spent time acquiring and saving information on to our devices, when they suddenly crash, get accidentally deleted or become corrupt, it can be an incredibly worrying time.

hard drive data recovery services in cornwall

Showing You How To Use External Hard Drives for Back Ups

At Lee Harvey Computing in Cornwall, we can help you retrieve and recover any important files and resolve the problem so that it is unlikely to happen again. And, to ensure that you don’t run the risk of losing your important information for good, we can show you how to back up your personal files via an external hard drive, cloud based system or a clone, so that you have multiple places in which to retrieve it.

Protecting Your Computer Systems

There is no point white-knuckle typing your way through disaster or losing sleep over lost data, just contact us and we will ensure that you have a plan in place to protect any vulnerable systems as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

Hard Drive & Memory Replacement & Upgrades

If your computer is performing slower than you would like, or you are looking to boost its memory or battery life then replacing the hard drive rather than the entire machine is often a cost-effective solution.

Sourcing Hard Drive Parts Required

As we are experts in computer repair, we will source the parts required, fit, modify and configure your computer so that any existing software and data are unaffected by the change. We can advise you of how much memory may be required whilst cleaning up and reorganising any existing data in order for your device to run more efficiently.

For expert data recovery services contact Lee Harvey Computing

If you are not sure what the problem is with your computer simply ask for advice!
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