Computer Servicing in Cornwall

We can keep your tech in tip-top condition by performing a computer health check on your PC or laptop.

Lee Harvey Computer Health Checks

Has your computer become slow and unresponsive? Does your laptop take a long time to load? At Lee Harvey Computing, based in St Austell, we can diagnose hardware faults, remedy any software glitches and install and remove any unnecessary programs or viruses when we give your computer a full service.

If your computer is starting to become sluggish or you need to revive a non-functioning PC; then we can offer hardware and software solutions to ensure that your computer memory and processing power are optimised as part of our computer health check service.

What is computer servicing?

Computer servicing is the process of maintaining, repairing, and optimising a computer system. Whether you use your PC or laptop for business or pleasure, regular computer servicing aims to enhance the overall functionality, speed, and reliability of a computer system, extending its lifespan and preventing potential problems.

Most computer health check services include routine cleaning, hardware inspection, software updates, performance optimisation, and troubleshooting to address issues such as slow performance or malfunctioning components.

In order to have a well-maintained system, the service should be undertaken by an experienced, knowledgeable and qualified technician such as Lee Harvey Computing.

Why does a computer need to be serviced?

The main reason for servicing your computer regularly is to prevent small problems from becoming complex issues later down the line!

Like any piece of equipment, the longer you use a computer – desktop or laptop – the more likely it is that problems will arise. As prevention is always better than cure, regular servicing can spot small problems before they become big.

To organise files

There are many reasons why computers become sluggish, but regular servicing can detect issues such as a processor or hard drive that is clogged with fragmented, disorganised files.

Opting for our regular professional computer service ensures that your files are meticulously organised, swiftly restoring your machine back to peak performance.

To catch viruses and malware

Ensuring your anti-virus software is completely up to date and functioning as it should means that you can be sure that your data is as secure as possible.

If a virus is detected on your device, then we can get rid of it for good and recover and protect any damaged documents. Viruses and malware are constantly being invented, so keeping one step ahead is vital.

To ensure software is up to date

Software suppliers are continually updating software, and running an old version can mean it operates slower than it should or could lack a new feature that you would find useful.

When we perform a computer health check, we will ensure that you or your company has the most up-to-date version of the software you use.

To ensure hardware is functioning properly

There is a saying that “if a thing can go wrong, it almost certainly will – eventually, ” which is undoubtedly true of computers.

Hardware breakdowns are annoying and expensive but we can give reliable advice on a replacement, repair or upgrade if a potential problem is spotted. We will also assist by installing them for you in order to keep your systems running as smoothly and as fast as possible.

Our fixed priced computer service in Cornwall includes:

How much does it cost?

Our normal servicing price is £60 per computer, but we offer an annual discounted rate to all Lee Harvey existing customers. And, if you require multiple computers to be serviced at once, we can offer further savings when you book a health check for two computers or more.

£50 for one computer

£75 for two computers

£100 for three computers

Please note: If you live more than 12 miles from St. Austell we will have to charge an additional £10 to cover travelling costs.

Health Check Reminders and Annual Computer Services

We regularly maintain our cars, houses and other household items, so it makes sense to look after our computers too. At Lee Harvey Computing we’ll save you time and money in the long run. 

We’ll send out yearly computer health check reminders and offer annual services at a discounted rate to our most loyal customers.

Don’t delay, book your computer service now!

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