Computer Servicing in Cornwall During Coronavirus

computer servicing in cornwall during coronavirus

As we are all aware by now we are in difficult times with the Coronavirus hitting us and the many problems this is causing, now having your computers running and serviced properly is more important than ever.

Lee Harvey Computing still offering computer services across Cornwall

Lee Harvey Computing in St Austell will still be offering in house support to get your computers up and running again, but there will be a few slight changes to protect both my self and you as the customer.

We have a delivery of gloves and face masks that will arriving by Friday 27th March which will be worn at all times when in your premises to conduct any repairs that need to be done on site. Where possible we are proposing that jobs that don’t take more than an hour to complete, we can collect your computer and carry these repairs out in our car, this will be dependent on internet access.

The other option which should suit most lengthy repairs will be for us to call you when we arrive outside your premises. You can leave your computer on your door step or a place for collection, where we will take your computer back to our workshop to carry out the repair.

We apologies for having to take this action but with the amount of people we see we need to be sensible and bring human contact down to a minimum during social distancing.

Annual computer servicing from 1st April 2020

Now more than ever, with people self isolating and more people working from home it is important that your computers are running efficiently, and so we shall be conducting our annual servicing a bit earlier this year from 1st April 2020.

Servicing your computer plays an important roll in keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. Over time your computer system can become clogged up with registry errors causing your system to slow down. Unwanted programs and adware/spyware can creep into your computer, causing all sorts of those annoying pop-ups to appear, and you may even have viruses running in the background.

The annual computer service includes the following:

  • Uninstall of all unwanted/unneeded programs
  • Full scan and removal of registry errors
  • Disable any unneeded start up programs
  • Scan and remove all adware, spyware and viruses
  • Update all programs that need updating
  • Advise on security and install anti-virus if needed
  • Discuss any hardware upgrade’s to improve system performance further if needed

Normal servicing price is £60 per computer, but will be charged at a discounted rate to all existing customers:

  • £50 for one computer
  • £75 for two computers
  • £100 for three computers

Talk to a computer repair specialist

If you live more than 12 miles from St. Austell we will have to charge an additional £10 to cover travelling costs. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, then please get in touch via our contact form or call us.

Some of the addition computer services we offer

Lee Harvey is available across Cornwall for mobile computer repairs. We offer a wide range of computer services which includes but is not limited to:

Lee Harvey

Lee Harvey

Lee is an experienced computer repair engineer and operates across Cornwall from his base in St Austell.

Computer Repair Cornwall

About Lee Harvey

We offer full diagnostics and repair of any make and model of desktop or laptop computer as well as any software repairs on tablet computers.

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