Putting an end to your data recovery problems

putting an end to your data recovery problems

There is nothing more soul destroying than working on a really important document, only for your computer to crash or the document to become corrupt.

At Lee Harvey Computing we offer a hard drive data recovery and repair service in Cornwall, and can resolve the problem so that it is unlikely to happen again. We can also advise you on how to backup files remotely, so that the same problem never occurs again.

To ensure that you don’t run the risk of losing your important information for good, we can show you how to save your personal files safely, so that you have multiple places in which to retrieve it. Afterall, there is no point losing sleep over lost data, just contact us and we will ensure that you have a plan in place to protect any vulnerable systems as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

An end to your data problems

A large proportion of businesses and private computer owners still only save their most important data in one particular place – namely the hard drive of their laptop or PC. But as we all know, nothing lasts forever, and even high-tech equipment can fail.

Desktops get targeted by viruses, laptops overheat, and power surges blow out hard drives. This is why it is vital that you have an online backup solution in place.

At Lee Harvey Computing in St Austel we can show you how to back up your files via an external drive, cloud-based system or a clone so that you can protect information, recover it easily and carry on with your day. By storing your data remotely as well as on your hard drive, not only gives you greater reliability against unforeseen disasters, but allows you to store your data in a secure location.

Data Recovery v Data Repair

Although data recovery and data repair sound very similar, they actually call for different solutions. Here we explain why.

1. Data Recovery

If a file gets lost, deleted or simply can’t be seen on the screen anywhere, then this requires data recovery. Data rarely disappears for good and often exists elsewhere in the storage device.

At Lee Harvey Computing we advise that you stop using the drive or system immediately after you discover data loss, in order to prevent overwriting which is beyond the scope of recovery.

The most common reasons for having to retrieve data are due to human error, employee or competitor theft, or computer hardware failures. The data recovery process is complex and time intensive. This is because an increase in demand for more storage capacity, has led to more data having to be compressed within small hard drive surfaces.

2. Data Repair

If, however, the file itself is damaged or overwritten then it will require some data repair. Most applications will not open files unless all of the necessary parts are present. If you have managed to recover a file but are still being told that it is corrupt, unrecognisable, incomplete or damaged; then it will need to be rebuilt or reconstructed before it is opened and read.

Once the storage device gets damaged, the data contained within it become inaccessible. Although natural disasters such as floods and fires can be detrimental to the running of our PC’s and laptops, at Lee Harvey Computing it is actually more common for us to be called out to deal with a nonfunctioning computer caused by a spilt cup of coffee.

Why choose Lee Harvey Computing

If you are in a tailspin trying to recover or repair lost data, then don’t despair – contact Lee Harvey Computing today. So confident are we in our abilities to end your computing dilemmas that we offer a data recovery guarantee. This assures you that if we cannot repair or recover the data you need, then no fee will be charged.

Having been fixing computers all over the South Coast of England for over 20 years, our mobile computing business, services those in the St Austell and surrounding areas. Well established, Lee is fully qualified and Microsoft certified and comes with a loyal customer following which is testament to the high quality of service he provides.

In addition to a full diagnostics and repair service, at Lee Harvey Computing, we also offer laptop and PC health checks, software updates and screen and part replacements for any make and model.

So, for honest, cost effective and reliable computer repairs contact Lee Harvey Computing today to make your mobile appointment.

Lee Harvey

Lee Harvey

Lee is an experienced computer repair engineer and operates across Cornwall from his base in St Austell.

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We offer full diagnostics and repair of any make and model of desktop or laptop computer as well as any software repairs on tablet computers.

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